ProScreen Integrated Cup Instructions                                  


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 Step 1.  Have the donor provide a specimen in the cup.  The collector retains the test cup lid.

Step 2. Verify that the temperature of the specimen is within range on the temperature strip on the cup.  (90 -100 degrees F.)

Step 3.  Have the donor screw the lid onto the cup until tight.

Step 4.  Lay the cup on its side so the lid can be read.  The test will begin to run automatically.  Read results when lines appear.


Negative (-): Two colored lines should be observed in the viewing window. The line in the test region is the drug probe line. The line in the control region is the control line, which is used to indicate proper performance of the device. The test line may have varying intensity either weaker or stronger in color than that of the control line.

Positive (+): Only one colored line appears in the control region. The complete absence of a test line with a clear white background indicates a positive result.

Invalid: No colored line appears in the control region. If the control line does not form, the test result is inconclusive and should be repeated.